National geographic bee finalists list

The beeheld annually since exceptis open to students in the fourth through eighth grades in participating schools from the United States. The entities represented at the national level come from all fifty U.

However, at the National Geographic BeeTrebek announced that would be his last year hosting the Finals. Newscaster Soledad O'Brien took his place the following year, moderating the bee in and He is the 31st Champion.

The competition begins at the elementary school and middle school levels 4th grade - 8th grade and usually occurs in November, December, or January. This competition requires at least 6 people to enter. Private schools, public schools, and homeschooled students are allowed to enter. Typically, between five and six million students are entered each year any number of competitors may enter this competition. The two major stages in this competition are called the preliminary and the final stages.

Often, the preliminary competition is further split into preliminary rounds and a semi-final. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker round is held at the end of the preliminary rounds. In the preliminary rounds, competitors are divided into groups of twenty and each contestant is asked one question from each of the seven themed rounds.

Categories include:. Contestants are awarded 1 point per question. At the end of seven rounds, players with the top ten scores advance to the finals. In addition to the game, a player may ask for a repeat of a spelling during these rounds.

However, they are restricted to only asking twice in duration of the entire geographic bee. Quite often there is a tiein which case a semi-final tiebreaker round is needed. For example, if six players finished the preliminary rounds with eight points and fifteen finished with seven points, the six who finished with eight points automatically advance to the final competition.

The fifteen with seven points move into the semi-final round where the top four are determined to fill the remainder of the seats in the finals. This is done by asking every player the same question at the same time and giving each player twelve seconds to write down the answer.

Each question is automatically repeated twice.

8th-Grader From Texas Wins 2019 National Geographic Bee

Everyone reveals their answer at the end of the twelve seconds and players are eliminated on a single-elimination basis.All rights reserved. Ten finalists emerged Tuesday during a "tough" preliminary round of the National Geographic Beewhich included seven tie breaker questions—an unusually high number, said "GeoBee" director Mary Lee Elden.

The ten students will face off Wednesday during the final round of the Bee, being held at National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D. For the Bee, Elden and organizers asked students to post videos of themselves on an interactive YouTube mapa first for the National Geographic Bee. National Geographic also announced a "GeoBee Challenge" mobile application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, which will allow users to test their geography knowledge with questions from past National Geographic Bees.

The application will be available in a few months, Elden said. TV host and Bee final-round moderator Alex Trebek said that such online resources are among the reasons that National Geographic Bee contestants seem to be getting smarter every year.

Trebek added that he recently looked through old school papers and discovered geography was his best subject in high school. The National Geographic Bee was founded in in response to the perceived lack of geographic knowledge among young people in the U. See the results of a survey of geographic literacy in the U.

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This year a combined total of nearly five million fifth- to eighth-grade students vied for spots in the national championships during bees held in all 50 U. As in past years, the 54 National Geographic Bee state-level winners—including one girl—competed as semifinalists.

The winner will get a U. This is Trebek's 22nd year hosting the event, and—along with the "free airfare" from California, he quipped—it's his love of geography and working with kids that keep him coming back. The host noted that he doesn't condescend to the kids, treating them as "adults in small bodies. Read Caption. Students compete in this year's National Geographic Bee preliminary round. National Geographic Bee Finalists Face Off Today A "tough" preliminary round in this year's National Geographic Bee included seven tie-breakers—an unusually high number, organizers said.

Smart and Curious a Winning Bee Combo. Trebek Sees "Adults in Small Bodies". Continue Reading.Three finalists competed Wednesday to take home the title at the National Geographic Bee. The National Geographic GeoBee crowned its winner yesterday. But we're not just talking about what-is-the-highest-mountain-peak questions here. Host Mo Rocca questioned contestants on remote natural landmarks, climate change and geopolitics, winnowing down the pool of contestants to just two finalists.

Ina small zebra population was reintroduced to Kitulo National Park. This park can be found in what African country? And video of this event shows him falling to the ground when his final answer is deemed correct, so we got him on the phone to talk about that. Like, I could feel it. I actually was going to put what the other person put first, so I didn't know if I accidentally second-doubted myself.

And it was just, like, really horrifying but turned out to be good. It's looking at how places in those atlases affect our world today and how problems in those places affect us and how we can fix them individually and as humans of the world.

national geographic bee finalists list

People should know that you shouldn't give up after getting that one question wrong no matter how, like, disappointing or how close to the other person winning is because you might just get that one chance of winning. And that's what happened. All rights reserved.

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national geographic bee finalists list

NPR Shop. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. May 23, AM ET. Heard on Morning Edition. You ready, Steve? More than one-third of Norway's northernmost county is located on what plateau? Was that just one question, actually?Back to Home. Parents Teachers. About This Site. StartSpot Network BookSpot. National Geographic Bee Winners Year. Peshawar, a city in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, has had strategic importance for centuries because of its location near what historic pass?

Lop Nur, a marshy depression at the east end of the Tarim Basin, is a nuclear test site for which country? Below the equilibrium line of glaciers there is a region of melting, evaporation, and sublimation.

Name this zone. Name two of the three largest sections of Denmark, which include its mainland peninsula and two largest islands?

national geographic bee finalists list

The condition characterized by unusually cold ocean temperature in the equatorial region of the eastern Pacific Ocean is known by what Spanish name? More than 80 million people live in the European Union's most populous member country.

Name this country. Asia's most densely populated country has about three million people and an area of less than square miles square kilometers. Name the European co-principality whose heads of state are the president of France and the bishop of Urgel.

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Pashtu and Dari are the official languages of which mountainous, landlocked country in southwestern Asia? Many coastal countries have established so-called EEZs areas extending nautical miles from shore over which countries have sovereign rights for resource exploration. What do the initials EEZ stand for?

national geographic bee finalists list

Name the flat intermontane area located at an elevation of about 10, feet 3, meters in the central Andes. More to Explore. Find more useful resources in popular areas of the StartSpot Network Find a University Dictionaries Libraries.It is sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

The State Bees were held on March 29, where the 54 finalists were determined. Fifty-four State or Territory level Champions were determined. The winners have also received a National Geographic Almanac. The state preliminary rounds there were 8 total consisted of rounds about U. All 54 regional champions received an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.

The state competitions' prize money was increased again from last year. The 54 state champions competed in the preliminary rounds held from May This part of the contest consisted of 10 oral rounds, as well as a written portion about tackling plastic pollution in various waterways around the world. Both sections were worth 10 points.

The top 10 contestants with the highest scores in the preliminary rounds competed in the semifinals on May After 7 other contestants were eliminated that day, Rishi Kumar of Maryland, Atreya Mallanna from Massachusetts, and Nihar Janga from Texas advanced to the finals, which were held the next day. The Semi-Final competition was held on May 21, After seven rounds with a mix of individual and common questions, with each question being worth one point, and one lighting round, with three rapid-fire questions being asked, each being worth one point, the four students with the lowest scores were eliminated.

Aarush Tutiki of Michigan and Kaylan Patel of Florida were both eliminated and tied for 9th place, along with Omkar Gadewar of Illinoiswho finished in 8th place. After applying the results of a tiebreaker test that the students took previously, Dylan Rem of New York was eliminated and finished in 7th place.

After that, a GeoChallenge Impact round took place. The remaining six contestants were given two photos of the same place, one of the pictures was taken in the past, and one was taken in the last couple of years.

Contestants were asked to describe the changes that took place and why they mattered. After this, the three students with the lowest scores were eliminated. Lakshay Sood of New Mexico was eliminated and finished in 6th place, along with Vaibhav Hariram of North Carolinawho finished in 5th place, and Jishnu Nayak of Californiawho finished in 4th place.

The Final Rounds were held the next day on May 22, The three contestants began with a series of five common questions, with each correct answer being awarded one point. After this, it was revealed that the top three contestants were interviewed by the judges for an Impact Challenge round. The videos of these interviews were then displayed. The contestants were first asked why it is important to protect wild places on earth.

Afterwards, the contestants were given five choices of places that they believed National Geographic should protect. All three contestants chose the Congo Basin Tropical Forest. Then, Finalists were asked to explain one step they could take to help protect their chosen location.

After this, a Mapmaker round was held. Contestants were asked to draw on a map of the Arctic Region. They were first asked to circle one city on the map that would experience significant economic and population changes, and were then asked to explain why they chose that city. They were then asked to choose two cities that lied beyond the map that would benefit from a new shipping route through the Arctic, and were asked to explain their reasoning. Lastly, they were asked to highlight an area on the map that they believed would need protection as a result of human activity, and were asked to explain their reasoning.

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31st National Geographic Bee

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National Geographic Bee

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Spelling Bee - 6-Year-Old Kid Makes History at National Spelling Bee

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